GrainCo is the largest grain trading and marketing business in the North of England and Scotland. We offer a wide range of marketing and grain trading opportunities, from unbiased independent marketing advice to pool marketing and financial support.

We now supply all of England, Scotland and Wales with many long term supply agreements in place.

GrainCo recognizes the need for a strong commercial marketing organization run on behalf of farmers to balance the activities of the multinational organizations.

By maintaining a direct producer role within the grain supply industry, we believe we benefit all arable farmers across the North of England and Scotland.

Some of the benefits we bring:

Spot and forward prices for wet or dry grain -

  • Sell directly to GrainCo, the largest merchant and exporter in the North of England & Scotland

Harvest, short and long marketing pools -

  • Consistently high returns
  • The minimisation of market risks
  • Advance payments at competitive interest rates
  • Premium prices are achieved for continuity of supply

Scottish advanced marketing wheat contracts -

  • Sophisticated risk management strategy
  • Maximising the benefit from the Scottish farm premium

Independent marketing advice -

  • join our Local Marketing Groups to obtain unbiased independent advice and market information.

Minimum price option-based contracts -

  • Option contracts provide flexibility and a guaranteed return to ensure that production costs are profitably covered

Finance and prepayment schemes -

  • GrainCo’s strong financial base enables us to provide financing schemes to suit individual farmers’ specific cash flow requirements

Security -

  • GrainCo carries Bad Debt Insurance cover on all sales - ensuring minimal exposure to the sudden failure of a major customer

End user groups -

  • Farmers growing crops for specific end users own requirements to obtain additional premiums