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We provide our farmer customers with a wide portfolio of top quality seeds and seed dressings, to suit all requirements.

We supply our growers with everything from regular cereal, pulse and oilseed rape seed through to a range of specialist seeds such as linseed, rye and triticale.

Grain Storage

TASCC accredited facilities across Yorkshire, Northern England and Scotland including specialist malting barley storage facilities helping to maximise opportunities for producers growing a range of varieties.


At GrainCo we have strong trading links with feed compounders, flour millers, distillers, brewers, maltsters and oilseed crushers both in the UK and in Europe. Built up over many years, these relationships give us a unique advantage in meeting the rigorous needs of today’s grain consumers and cereals producers.

In particular we offer continuity and volume of supply for known qualities of grain and unrivalled flexibility when and where possible to both our buyers and sellers.


Providing a gateway to and from Europe and the world markets, we are committed to finding the best opportunities for our farmers, weather that's at home or abroad.

GrainCo has had many firsts, including the largest ever single shipment of Rapeseed and Barley from the UK and the largest Maize imports to the East coast of Scotland.


We at GrainCo have a comprehensive range of quality fertilisers, sourced from leading manufacturers, at competitive prices. Our FACTS qualified staff are trained to match the right product with the specific needs of your cropping system. We are also a member of the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS).

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We offer a full range of agronomy services via the Tynegrain Agronomy Group. We also provide a pooled buying service for farm inputs such as agrochemicals and pesticides.


The North’s leading grain drying and storage co-operative wholly owned by more than 100 dedicated farmer members, Tynegrain benefits from it's deep water export berth on Tyne Dock and storage next to the largest Bioethanol producer in Europe.


A group of growers in Scotland and the North of England producing milling oats on a forward contract basis for Quaker Oats, OatCo has rapidly grown to become Quaker's largest single supplier.